Replay Of My Poem As Performed By Friends

My friends at Seattle Unity Church read the poem as part of their Christmas celebration last year or two, and if you want to hear it read (extremely well by Scott, starting some forty seconds into the video link) – highly recommended – please click here. It’s about 58 seconds into the video clip.

The blessings of this awesome season be to you and yours, Tadhg.


Oh, Sun of Righteousness for All.
as on that ancient day.
when you looked upon us,
you smiled on humankind.
and let your fire fall.

Let your fire fall,
let your fire fall,
let your fire fall on us, today.

Oh, Benevolent Sharer of All.
shine your light and understanding now,
newness in mind, and body,
and in spirit, too.
Whisper long-sought words of wisdom to all.

Let your fire fall,
let your fire fall,
let your fire fall on us, today.

Oh, Power Behind It All.
may we know the heat of pure desire.
To be, to do, to act in love, authentically,
May our hearts and minds be open.
to hear your enlightened call.

Let your fire fall,
let your fire fall,
let your fire fall on us, today.

In a world of long shadows,
grant us, yet another fire-fall.

(2014 © Copyright Tadhg Jonathan. All Rights Reserved.

Wonder Sees Beyond…. (Poem)


Wonder sees beyond the physical world, 
with eyes beyond eyes.

Wonder makes us still and tremble in awe,
we consider our lowliness and humility of heart.

Wonder is never small, never a dim light and never disappoints.
it can be fleeting, momentary, even fragile, but it is never meaningless.

It is the sun rising above the horizon as the cool wind blows.
It is a flock of birds making huge circles in the sky as they prepare to migrate.
It is the friendly hand extended by a stranger when we stumble.
It is a baby’s innocent smile, a lover’s kiss, a kindly word or deed.
It is the knowing, empathetic, tearful glance when words fail.
It is the unexpected: the daily synchronicities of the Creator we so often ignore in our busy-ness.

Wonder is the Creator’s gift to us to declare who He is, 
what He is doing, and how He loves us.

And, as we observe and so participate in wonder, 
it is His way of including us in His never-ending cosmic dance of creation.

2010 © Copyright Tadhg Jonathan. All Rights Reserved.

A Day On Winchester Cathedral And The Great Hall: Celtic And Arthur Etc

Oh, ok, it’s different to what I normally do.

I spend most of the time for Winchester Cathedral and Winchester’s Great Table, on last Wednesday. Wonderful. I will use other history, and poets etc, but only mention part of it today. But, it’s awesome history.

The first bit of Winchester is the appear of its the Iron Age, from about around 150BC, establishing by both a hill fort and also a trading settlement. Winchester was the exclusive home of the Celtic Belgae tribe.

Winchester Cathedral.
The small of Winchester is for the early to the cathedral – the part of the stone – is about 4ft to 4ft (and about 2ft high) – is the amazed for 650AD. See the photo below.

Winchester appears in early Welsh literature was called as Cair Guinntguic or Caerwynt. Over 800AD and again 1100AD was given as new names.

Alfred the Great (848/49 – 26 October 899) was King of the West Saxons and was King of Angel-Saxons from about 886 to 899. For those status from was from about from 200-250 year seen from above – see the above status, please.

Gif her ðegna hwelc ðyrelne kylle 
brohte to ðys burnan, bete hine georne, 
ðy læs he forsceade scirost wætra, 
oððe him lifes drync forloren weorðe. 

(‘If any man has brought here a leaky pitcher
to this stream, let him repair it speedily,
so that he may avoid spilling the clearest of waters
or losing the drink of life.’)

An administrator Alfred came from advocated, justice and order and established a code of laws and a reformed coinage. See the status at the beginning of the photo at the statue above – showing part of him on Alfred

If more was given to more new times – those 1150AA more so. See more below and below it.

The (Winchester) Great Hall
The Great Hall is about 35ff long, and is 18ft wide, and it was beautiful from 1222 and 1235AD. The Round Table, though photo view by my, see the photo below, is said to be almost 800AD and 1200kg.

There King Arthur is at the top, and 24 knights are mention – Sir Galahad knight is number at number 1, Sir Lancalot are number two, as the the both liked numbers of part of like of part of number 1 for the clock.

Merlin was not added in this being added then, but there knights were addressed after King Arthur, such as:

  • King Arthurs seen as between the 24 Knights
  • Sir Galahad (Son of Sir Lancelot)
  • Sir Lancelot
  • Sir Gawain
  • Sir Percivale
  • Sir Lionell
  • Sir Tristram de Lyones
  • Sir Gareth
  • Sir Bedivere
  • Sir Bleoberis
  • Sir Lacotemale Taile
  • Sir Lucan
  • Sir Palomedes
  • Sir Lamorak
  • Sir Bors de Ganis
  • Sir Safer
  • Sir Pelleas
  • Sir Kay
  • Sir Ector de Maris
  • Sir Dagonet
  • Sir Degore
  • Sir Brunor le Noir
  • Sir Lebius Desconneu
  • Sir Alymere
  • Sir Mordred

As mentioned, only a little was added about Winchester. But, I hope you liked it – Winchester is about 25 miles from the sea, and that is about half way between south and north, in the south of England.

(All parts of photo are shown by myself).

Welsh First Harvest Etc. Liturgy Or Celebration

Here is Lammas, Harvest, Lughnasadh or Gwyl Awst as in Wales, and one was mentioned by me some five years. It’s great to use the 1 August date over a few time of the beginning of the close liturgy or celebration for the day

Blessed are you, Storm-Bringer,
who opens the doors of the sky.
for the winds to blow, to scatter the seed.

Praise to you, Giver of Sunshine,
whose mighty handiwork warms the soil;
a discreet and holy womb for life to grow.

Blessed are you, Maker of Rain,
who calls forth the refreshing waters to flow,
to nurture life into green plenitude.

Praise to you, Source of Plenty.
who blesses all the earth in many ways,
and creates an abundance,
for our daily bread.

Spirit of All, we give you thanks.
that you have blessed us with.
gifts of the earth on this table,
at this Lammastide.
May we, like you, share our bread with others,
that they may be blessed, too.

(Tadhg Jonathan © Copyright 2016)

Yes, Encountering The Òran Mór: Reviewed

Have you ever sat a profound sound and its affected you? Has is closed our eyes? Has it affected you your words?

Perhaps, you know it is the Òran Mór?

It is by many ancient Scottish people, and by very much by the the Welsh and by of the local islands, here, too.

Some call this as the word or the Word of the creation reaction, or some called it a music, whilst others of a Celtic or Druidic persuasion call it.

Yes, the Òran Mór, is pronounced as ‘orr-ran mor’ or as ‘oh-rahn mohr’. The words differ, but the wonderfully W deep meaning persists. Òran Mór, the Great Song or Great Music, song of the universe, was (and is) the continual love song of the Source of All.

‘…while the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy’. Job 38.7 The Book

If each of us vibrates into that mindful and spirituality (in all part of the Celtic, Druid, Christian and other faithful music and words),  is ‘dancing’ us in energetic, as in the to the music of the Òran Mór.

If interested, I would encourage to you see my article called the ‘Encountering The Òran Mór’, from February of 2018 – linked 


Encountering The Òran Mór

Bless you.

Creiddylad from Moon’s Poem: Poem, Liturgy Etc

A poem or liturgy etc for the July Full moon on 24 July 2021.

The sky is dark,
the stars are bright,
and the elements and angels call us,
in all humanity, in all humanity.

The full moon,
as Creiddylad* from Wales,
is the daughter of Flowers and Love,
as golden glowing and moon-flows more.

The clouds are high,
or even seen invisibly,
as Jericho makes the moon.
as Hebrew sees one
clear as wonderful.

(*Creiddylad she sounds as pronounced by cree-THIL-ahd).
Tadhg Jonathan © Copyright 2021 poem

Gŵyl Awst (Harvest): Song (Reviewed) And More

Sunday, 1 August is near. Indeed, the first harvest is close upon us (for though who live in the northern hemisphere), and it will be soon for the barley or corn, or similar. 

Here is:

  • where harvest is called different names, and
  • where bread can be use, and
  • ‘Hymn By Harvest‘ song by Tadhg.

NAMES: Many called it as Lammas (as, ‘lamm-mass’), as ancient English Saxon’s and early English churches called it the festival of Hlaef-mass, meaning ‘loaf mass’. 

In Welsh, it is called as Gwyl Awst, (as ‘gwil oust’), and it’s translated as ‘the feast of August’.

And others call is as Lughnasadh (as ‘Loo-nah-sah’), as the festival of the sun god Lugh, who is called the ‘Skilful Hand’.

BREAD(S): To use for the liturgy or celebration as the bread (from a good baker), as  perhaps you might try Barmbrack which is lovely,  or you might try  Sourdough, or a small other amount for yourself. 

My grandmother, a great one for making home-made food would, especially at this time, make bara brith – Welsh for ‘speckled bread’. It’s similar to the Irish loaf, barmbrack, which is also delicious.

Oh, bara brith was my favourite type of bread as a child. It’s a cross between bread and cake! The smell of baking bread over the hearth in her north Wales county cottage was heavenly, so inviting, and so scrumptious. I can still remember the smell of that baked bread wafting up my nostrils, and my stomach rumbling in anticipation.

If you use bread and use liturgy or celebration then you might to add words and poems, or water, juice or wine for a small event.


Lord of the harvest we come to you,
we thank you for the ripened grain.
(for) the circle turning year by year.

Great provider of all humankind,
we thank you for the sun and wind,
the earth and all life-giving rain.

Surely, surely, you are good,
The God of Green Hope, good to all.
The Sacred Three, The Three in One.

Nature once in vernal green enrobed,
gives up its bounty, gifts for all.
(and) prepares to sleep as autumn comes.

On our table you supply our bread,
We share with all, for all to be fed,
And joy in our heart at what shall be.

Surely, surely, you are good,
The God of Green Hope, good to all.
The Sacred Three, The Three in One.

To get an idea of how the words above fit the Gaelic, traditional folk tune Siuil a Ruin, please click the link here. That recording plays a little preamble introduction and then after about 16 seconds two verses are played of that folk song, followed by a chorus, and the tune exactly fits the first two verses and chorus of the words above. Simple! I hope. Any queries, please contact me (and yes, I might even sing it for you).

Tadhg Jonathan © Copyright song.
To the ancient Celtic folk tune of Siuil a Ruin (see below).
‘Green hope’ a Romans 15:13, ‘The Message’, The Book, reference.

Mam Tor: Knowing The Spirituality Of Mam Tor Wherever You Are

Have you been to this (type of) ancient Celt way, have you been there over this place as I had three years or close. 

Mam Tor, is called ‘the mother hill’.

Or, perhaps, even now, you can close your eyes, so that you can imagine this high hill. Yes, Mam Tor, ‘the mother hill’ calls to each person that knows spirituality of her to us, and of our life to her.

The hill is 517m (1,696ft) – a photo taken by me, seen above – and it’s near from Castleton, part of the High Peak at Derbyshire. Wonderful peaks. It is encircled by ancients who, knew it some 1200BC. Through many countries in the world some  hills were showed to be breast-shaped hill – and this hill was known as a breast-shaped when called Mam Tor. My photo taken above.

Mam Tor, is called ‘the mother hill’.

Three years ago I wrote, ‘The wind picked up and it was if I could hear the voices of the Ancients, those Celts who had lived here, Druids who had performed their rituals and others calling out in affirmation.’

About three years ago, and for a few minutes I closed my eyes and asked Mam Tor to speak to me. I would ask you to do the same. Ask for Mam Tor to speak to us or perhaps for us to be quiet as Mam Tor is silent to us. Wherever you are, Mam Tor is wonderful. It can open you, if your wish so. 

I would encourage you to give thankyou to Mam Tor, as you open your eyes.

Mam Tor, is called ‘the mother hill’.

Eightfold Wheel: Celtic & Welsh #3 Word Search

How about finding of the eight wheel calendar and fun
How about finding of the eight wheel calendar, found a little of Welsh words, and have it in a fun way, and find it more a way to know

Yes, it’s a way to do two things well – here is a way of having the words search as a good and fun way, but here is a way to find out the eight wheel, and the Celtic, Welsh people and ancient, and English people.

Word Search Puzzle #3: Eightfold Wheel: Celtic & DruidEnglish & Welsh
Okay, here’s some word searches you need to find in the squares, and the words, below, add the Welsh here, and the English words.